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How To Hide IP Address & Why You Need To

Last Updated 12 May 2019

People like me! always change IP location to gain access to blocked or geographical restricted sites. however mostly user’s use proxy extensions to do that, but it’s not secured at all.

In this topic: I will guide through step by step points to hide IP address with military-grade encryption. In this way, you can get;

  • Unblocked access to all sites you want
  • Fastest Speed
  • Download Torrents anonymously
  • Secure browsing
  • Access to US Netflix or Hulu
  • Encrypted tunnel
  • bypass ISP Throttling and monitoring

Isn’t privacy our most important factor in life? We keep our phones locked and secure with locks, our social media accounts private with passwords and all other confidential stuff secure through various means.

However, have you ever wondered what happens to your privacy once you go online? Are you sure you are secure?

Most people don’t think about it, but a lot of your activity online can easily be tracked. This is most easily done through your IP address!

For all the privacy-conscious but somehow naïve people out there, this article gives you a summed up information on:

  • What IP address is
  • Why it is better to hide IP address
  • How to protect IP addresses.

Now, let’s start with the basics and proceed with an insight on what exactly IP addresses are.

What an IP Address is?

An IP address is basically a binary number. It is assigned to each device connected to the TCP/IP network. Without a proper IP address, it is not possible for a device to send or receive data from the internet.

In much more simpler terms IP address is like a device’s identity. It is very much like your home address which helps give out your location and enables people to track your home.

With your IP address known your ISP, the government, as well as other entities, can track down your

  • Location
  • Login & Passwords
  • emails logs
  • Browser history
  • Online activity

Thus keeping your IP address protected is a high priority.

How to Hide Your IP Address

Now that you are fully aware of how to crucial it is to protect your IP address, let’s proceed with finding how you can go ahead with this task. The most common means of hiding your IP address are:

  1. Subscribing to a VPN service
  2. Using a proxy
  3. Opting for TOR browser

These methods are tried and tested to be the perfect ways for IP masking.

1.  VPN service

VPNs are best known to provide the ultimate privacy to their users. A VPN service allows you to change your IP address by routing your data through a separate server. It gives its users a false IP address and thus enables them to stay anonymous online.

Furthermore, it also channels your data through an encrypted tunnel that adds up more to your privacy. This way a VPN ensures that you are untraceable online and even all of your private information remains protected.

2. Using a proxy

A proxy is basically a tool that forms a tunnel to allow your internet traffic to flow. In other words, it just collects information and works in sending it to where it is meant to be. While acting as a tunnel, it makes sure to give a makeover to the data packets being sent out.

Note: by using proxies you can hide your real IP address but it will not encrypt your internet traffic, which means its not secured way out like VPN.

Once the proxy successfully intercepts your connection, it mirrors merely your every move. This way it deceives the destination servers into thinking that your proxy is internet traffic. However, one drawback is that it slows down your internet connection.

3. Opting for TOR Browser

The Tor browser is an online anonymity tool. It is highly efficient and conceals its user’s IP address. It also provides anonymity by working through the layer by layer system. This layer by layers system is an encryption system which allows it to maintain user privacy.

 TOR is popularly used by people for various purpose. Sure it may not be the most ultimate form to protect your privacy, and it sure slows down your connection. However, TOR is a cheap and considerable exit.

5 Reasons to Hide Your IP Address Online

As aforementioned your IP address is the key to your privacy. For a privacy-oriented person, this is indeed alarming as several things can be exposed if your IP address is known to someone. Here are the top 5 reasons to why hide your IP address:

1. Hide your activity from your ISP

The ISP is the one who basically assigns the IP addresses to the device. Now with the resent net neutrality laws, the ISP has full authority to track as well as log your data.

This is indeed somewhat fishy as the browsing data is something private and the very idea of it being logged is plain out creepy. Furthermore, the ISP also has a commercial use to your online data. They basically record and sale it to advertising and brand analysts.

They further analyze your data and use it to generate advertisements as per your taste. In return, the ISPs are paid a handsome amount for your data exposure.

2. Overlook geographical barriers

Geographical barriers are great hinderance while online. Some sites such as Netflix doesn’t allow the streaming of some content in countries due to copyright issues.

For example the content present in the US library, some of it unavailable for international users. To get past this issue, you can merely mask your IP address. The way out is to just hide your IP address.

Hiding the IP address would allow you to mask your location. You can easily switch to a pseudo IP address belonging to another country and thus easily excess the content.

3. Sneak past censorship

Most countries such as China, Thailand, Korea, etc. have strict censorship issues. If you’re living in a country like this, then your privacy is most definitely compromised.

Countries with strict censorship there are high chances that the government strictly monitors your online activity. They may all about be an advocate of free speech, but in reality, they sure have stringent laws regarding what should be up online and what not.

Yet again hiding your IP address allows you to get past this petty censorship and restrictions. As it protects your location as well as your identity online no one can really trace you down.

4. Keep your search engine history private

Your search engine history is at times the reflection of your boredom. Often it is also your deepest darkest fantasies and desires that you surely don’t want to be exposed.

Browsers like Google as well as other alternatives such as Bing are quick to keep logs of your browser history. Now we definitely can not under any circumstances keep them off from logging the history.

However, one solution to this issue is to solely mask your IP address. By doing so even if your browser data is logged, there would be no way to trace it towards you.

5. Prevent companies from tracking you

Some companies, tend to monitor your activity as well as your locations. They may do it to for advertisement purpose, that is to peak into your preferences.

Other companies such as the ones related to traveling hog onto your location. The issue here is that there seems to be a difference in the airline ticket prices according to the places. People buying tickets from some areas face low costs.

While some who are trying to book tickets from other areas face high fares. The ultimate way out to this is masking your IP which successfully hides your location.

Stay private!

By now as you are in the limelight how about you quit panicking and work upon masking your IP address!

Hiding it may not necessarily mean that you are up to something illegal! You sure feel a creeped out with the very thought of being monitored, no? Yeah, being privacy conscious do that you!

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