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Some Useful Tips for Smartphone Security!

Modernization has reached a point where the latest technology often leaves us astounding. At places like these, we feel that science and technology have mingled logics and magic together to form new inventions that surprise us in everyday life. The new features nowadays are not only astonishing but also leave us with no choice but saying “wow.”

Whenever we experience these new features, we always feel that it is magic, but when in reality it is we hold in our hands now every day and does not feel astonished about them anymore through simple logic. One of the inventions that we were so surprised from were the smartphones.

When the smartphones were first invented, they blew minds off, and everyone felt like they have seen some magic. Well, it was all science that created things like smartphones. Smartphones with all features looked very much appealing to people, and soon everyone around was seen with a smartphone.

Now the situation is this that the same smartphones are so common that every other person around you have one, and the magic has become logic. Now no one will feel surprised when they see a smartphone, but still, new inventions and features are coming and still surprising people like magic.

But, a smartphone with all their features and techno stuff also are not totally safe for usage. Now hackers have also found a way to penetrate the smartphones and steal our personal data. And this threat is not among two or three people but thousands of people. In this article, we would discuss some tips about smartphones security.

Things That Violate Smartphones Security:

Smartphones security is being breached by hackers who are in search of people who may make one mistake, and that will give them access to all their data. Some of the methods that these hackers use to violate through our smartphones are as under:

  • Hacking by messages
  • Hacking by calls
  • Tracing apps
  • Unsafe for passwords
  • Credentials availability
  • Not updating of phones

1.     Hacking by a message:

The most common way to hack through a smartphone is by messages. In this method, the hackers may plant a link or a message. When the victim taps on these messages they without knowledge invites the hacker inside their phone.

In this way, the hacker can easily access to the phone and its details. They can now use the data to blackmail the user or maybe use it to hurt the person. It may be because they seek for revenge or some forgotten hatred or perhaps for money.

2.     Hacking by calls:

Other than message things that also hackers use to get through your system call which penetrates through our data. Hackers might call you from an unknown ID, and as soon as you answer the call, they will hack into your phone.

It is also possible that they might inject malicious code in the phone that might give the attacker full access to your data. The hacker might use it to blackmail you due to similar reasons. Hence calling is another likable technique used by hackers.

3.  Tracing apps:

Another way convenient for hackers is by using the latest applications that are introduced to trace people. These apps were actually created for the safety of people as they would allow the police to catch the criminals, but now they have become handy for criminals also. That is because they allow hackers to trace any person around in any part of the world and they can breach into that person’s life, and this might be very dangerous.

4.Unsafe passwords:

The most common problem in smartphones is that they are vulnerable to passwords. That means that the passwords that we use in them may quickly be figured out or can be found by hacking and thus sometimes providing full access to the data.

In the case when your phone gets stolen, this is the danger that occurs mostly. If the thief is able to crack the password (which is not a tough job for the hackers), then they will have full access to the data in it without any problem.

5.  Credentials availability:

Back in the days when there were no smartphones or even phones, people used to keep all their credentials in a diary or notebook. But now that smartphones have been launched, people store all their credentials on the net.

On apps like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Snapchat all credentials are shared quickly. These apps used in smartphones (Android and iPhones) consist of all our personal credentials and can be seen very easily. These sites can be hacked, and the credential data can be snatched.

6.   Not updating phones:

It is a crucial issue that people often don’t update their phone. They feel like there is no use of spending so much time waiting for the phone to get an upgrade. But what they do not know is that if smartphones are not updated every time they are required to, then they might get hacked.

By updating the phone, you increase the barrier between the smartphone and hackers. But people do not know this, and hence they never update the phone even if they get notified to update it.

Tips for Smartphone Security:

Smartphones are called smart because they have artificial intelligence and hence they have their in-built systems of protection. There are also many preventions or precautions that we can take ourselves to secure our smartphones. Some tips to keep your smartphone secure are:

  • Complex password protection
  • Increasing privacy
  • Add apps to make ID untraceable by hackers
  • Add privacy on credential display
  • Updating regularly
  • Facial or fingerprint locks
  • Do not tap on any messages or links received
  • Don’t follow procedures any random call asks you to

a.     Complex password protection:

In the world where smartphones are everything and all the information that you store is in the smartphone’s brain. It is also very much important that you set a complicated yet easy to remember the password for the phone. The password should be tricky to guess but easy for you to remember so that you can easily use it without the tension of getting harmed by hackers.

b.  Increasing privacy:

Our smartphones have in-built security systems. It means they have an option of setting up privacy in the way you like.

In phone settings, there is an option of privacy and security in which when you go, you will see some options that enable you to set the privacy of the phone in a specific way so that no hackers can intervene in it. You can increase privacy from settings.

c.  Add apps to make ID untraceable by hackers

Another common way of defending our smartphones is by adding apps that create a barrier and does not allow any hackers to gatecrash our smartphones. It is necessary that we add these apps that enable our phones to create obstacles so that hackers can not trace our IP address.

d. Add privacy on credential display:

It is also important that you see that all the credentials that you have displayed on social media sites do not display to everyone on the app. This means that there are privacy settings in your apps also that helps you to restrict the display of your credentials. Some tips to add privacy on displaying your credentials are in this link.

e.     Updating regularly:

As mentioned before also, people do not update their smartphones when they need an upgrade. It is very dangerous to your smartphones as it permits hackers to gatecrash easily into the phone and breach data. Hence it is essential that you update your smartphones regularly every time it needs upgrading so that data remains safe.

f.       Facial and fingerprint locks:

Keeping a strong password is a good thing, but it is better that you also set your phone for facial and fingerprint locks. Smartphones now have this option to set locks by your fingerprint or facial recognition. Hence, it is more convenient and safe to keep these kinds of locks apart from passwords as it provides better security to the phones.

g.     Do not tap on any messages or links received:

It is essential that you make sure of the authenticity of every message or link you received before you tap on it. These links and messages may be malicious, and hence it is vital that you first make sure about every unknown message before taping on it. When you are fully satisfied that the message or link is safe then only tap on it.

h.     Don’t follow procedures any random call asks you to:

Sometimes hackers plan attacks through phone calls (as mentioned before). They might not urgently attack your phone just by your answering to it, but they might ask you to do specific tasks and offers you something in return. By doing these tasks, you are actually letting them get into your phone data. Hence it is important that you do not follow instructions by an unknown caller.


Your phones have become smart. It is time that you also become smart and follow all the tips that are vital for the protection of data. Hence, you should follow the tips mentions in this article to help save yourself from all the attackers and hackers.

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