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Ten Facebook Tricks Which Everyone Should Know!

Facebook is the most used platform and social media app. We have all spent our time scrolling Facebook and looking for something interesting to spend our time.

Or we just stalk people on Facebook. We see our friends pictures and stories to know what they are currently doing. But have you ever felt that you have become bored of doing this and you need something else to do? Something fun and exciting.

 You suddenly want to try out something new and fascinating. Thus, you look on facebook for something new on Facebook but find nothing. Well, nothing is easy to find.

You might also get irritated from lots of stuff on Facebook that you get and is something you are not interested in. You just want to get rid of them.

These may include ads and annoying game invitations that are so much irritating that you might just want to ignore them. But ignoring them is not always the best choice. Because every time they show up, and the phone goes ping, it becomes more irritating.

Don’t you always want a way so that you can just get rid of it? Or when you are scrolling the newsfeed, and the videos start playing themselves in public areas. Don’t you want that to stop happening?

So, here are some tricks for you to do them.

Ten Facebook Tricks:

We will discuss ten Facebook tricks today that will be fun to do or will not let ads and unwanted notifications reach you. Here are these ten tricks that you can use to do so:

  1. Invisible to friends
  2. Default quality
  3. Upside down status
  4. Change FB font
  5. Vanish FB ads
  6. Choose your own language
  7. Turn off birthday updates
  8. Avoid game invitations
  9. Hide the seen sign
  10. Save pasts for later

1)   Invisible to friends

Facebook has this cool magical feature when your friends cannot see you. Well, not literary, but on Facebook. You will appear offline to them while you are using Facebook. There is also an option to appear offline to only a few friends and be available only to those whom you to chat with.

To do so, click on the settings gear icon on the right corner in the chat window at the bottom of Facebook. Now add people to the list of the people you want to appear visible to leaving everyone to whom you want to appear offline. Now you can easily scroll your Facebook without worries of stupid messages. Moreover, you can also talk to your best friend without any third person’s interruption.

2)   Default quality

Does your internet work very slowly? Does it affect the quality of your videos? Do the videos you watch are not working properly, even in HD quality, on Facebook? Well, Facebook has a solution to that also. You can easily change your HD to SD settings.

To do so, you have to click the videos option on the bottom left of Facebook. Then go to video settings. Over there, you will get the option of choosing your quality. Your default quality is always HD. So, you can change it to SD and enjoy your videos even on slow internet.

3)    Upside down status

So, do you want to fascinate your friend with something cool? If you are bored of using them every day facebook activities and want to try out something new and impressive, then you should try doing this cool trick while updating for new status on Facebook.

There is an option of making your status upside down sᴉɥʇ ǝʞᴉl (like this). So you can write this fantastic form and impress your friends using this link. Thus, you should try updating one status with this and then see how your friends get confused and then just sit back and enjoy their responses.

4)   Change FB font

Facebook is world widely called FB for short. Another really cool way to enjoy on Facebook is by using different fonts while typing a comment and uploading a status. By doing so, your creative writing styles might amuse your friends, and they might ask you the trick you did for it, and you can say it’s all magic.

The trick to do is this by using the following link. When you type something in this, you will find many fonts ℓιкє тнιѕ or lเкє tђเร or 1!k3 7h!5 and LiKe tHiS (likes this). All these cool fonts can make you popular among friends. Just type in and copy paste your favorite font.

5)   Vanish FB ads

Now there is a thing that irritates everyone a lot of Facebook. They are the ads that you see while scrolling down your ID. Doesn’t it? So, do you dream about an ad-free Facebook? A Facebook where you can see the pictures from the weddings, or your friend’s albums without the annoying advertisement of losing fat, or nourishing hairs, etc.

Well, there is a way to do that as well. You can easily do that by using ad-free chrome extensions for your device. Moreover, you can use Facebook cleaner as well. That way, you will not see much of these annoying ads that make your account boring and irritating and makes your browser slow.

6)   Choose your own language

Another really witty trick of grabbing the eyeballs of your friends with your Facebook status and comments is by totally changing the language. Yes, Facebook has an option from where you can change the default language from English to whatever you like. You can also change the settings to your first languages, like Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Urdu. So, you will be more comfortable to use Facebook.

You can do this by selecting your language form language setting. At the right hand on the bottom, you will see English(USA) written. Click on it and choose the language of your own choice.

7)   Turn off birthday updates

I know that this is a very helpful feature of Facebook that it reminds you of your friend’s birthday. That way, you are mostly saved if you are a forgetful person. But doesn’t it irritate you when every day it reminds you of the birthdays of people you are not interested to know about?

Well, there is a way to turn off these reminders. To do so, go to settings of Facebook. Select notifications. Then look for the birthday notification settings and after this turn off the option. In this way, you are free of all these notifications until you need them again. Just turn it back on when you want to.

8)   Avoid game invitations

Another irritating feature of Facebook that personally pisses me off is the game notifications people keep sending. We get so many requests every day maybe from Candy Crush, or 8 Ball pool. But doesn’t they annoy you a lot?

So, I am sure you always wanted to put a stop on them. The way to do this is also on Facebook. To do so, go to settings. Then go to blocking and scroll down to Block app invites and then search the friend’s name who sends you these requests. Thus, by doing so you can block them from sending these requests.

9)   Hide the seen sign

Do you also sometimes hate when someone knows that you have seen their message and then they become mad at you for not replying instantly. You can’t help noticing the notifications and tapping on them, but then the seen sign comes and bam you just lost a friend cause you were busy to reply.

Thus, there is a solution to this on Facebook. You can hide this seen sign from people so that they won’t know you saw their message and won’t complain that you didn’t reply. To do so, download the Unseen for Facebook Chrome extension. After the installation, click the icon in your browser toolbar to make sure it’s turned on and you are saved. Hence, in this way you can hide the seen sign.

10)  Save posts for later

This is the best part of Facebook. You know why? Because sometimes you are too busy and cannot watch a video at that moment, but you want to watch it, or you like a video or a post a lot and want to see it again and again. Since you know, it is not easy to find a post again; you will have to search a lot to find the same post again.

So, here we can find the best way to see those videos later on. You can simply save the posts and then go to your saved posts, later on, to watch them again. There is a show more sign with the post always. Click on it, and you will get many options. Choose ‘Save post’ option and then watch the post whenever you like from the saved posts, which you will find in your drag down menu. Hence, in this way you can save post and see them later.


To sum up all, Facebook is a very vast and cool place for a visit. So, try using it for things that are more fun than stalking your best friends and crushes or exes. Also, do not waste all the time on it scrolling down as well. Thus, you should try the above tricks for a good time pass and fun, and be saved from irritating things on Facebook.

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