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Best TorrentHound Alternatives 2020

The closure of the popular torrenting site, TorrentHound, in 2016 resulted in thousands of torrenting fanatics with no place left to get their daily dose of entertainment from.

Although TorrentHound wasn’t as massive as some of its contenders, such as The Pirate Bay, Torrentz and KickAss Torrents, it still managed to garner a decent number of viewers, and its sudden closing down came as a shock to many.

However, if you’re one of the unlucky ones to be affected by TorrentHound’s closure and are starting to lose faith in the process of torrenting- you don’t need to look any further. This article delves into the alternatives available for TorrentHound, along with providing a brief on the following:

  • What exactly was TorrentHound?
  • Why did TorrentHound bite the dust?
  • What are some alternatives to TorrentHound?
  • What safety precautions should you take while torrenting?

So without further ado, let’s dive into what wasTorrentHound?

What are Some TorrentHound Alternatives?

For all the Torrenting enthusiasts, the closure of TorrentHound must have had devastating consequences, with the privacy concerns taking the entire torrent industry by storm. Well, to aid you in your quest to find secure torrenting sites, we’ve compiled a list of 15 best torrenting websites, from the many choices available.

#1-The Pirate Bay:

Among the arsenal of options available to the standard torrent user, The Pirate Bay is perhaps the one that has stood tall against the test of time.

The Pirate Bay serves as this massive collection of torrent files available for download to the general public. Pirate Bay clusters all your favorite torrent sites in one place and makes torrents on various genres, such as movies, music, TV shows, readily accessible for quick and easy download.

An interesting fact about The Pirate Bay is that users can upload torrents from any source, without creating a hassle. Using The Pirate Bay enables users to enjoy an enormous collection of entertainment, without the fuss of finding reliable torrent links.

 However, if you find the website down in your country for whatever reason, you might want to consider using a proxy.

#2 PopCorn Time:

As stated on their website, PopCorn Time will “never be taken down,” so you can enjoy your entertainment, without the fear that this website will have to face the same fate as TorrentHound.

Although you’ll need to download PopCorn Time on to your device, it allows its users to browse through a variety of torrent files. An added benefit to using PopCorn Time is that it has a “No restriction” policy, that is a user can watch any movie or TV show as many times as they desire.

Moreover, PopCorn Time provides users with an amazing catalog of movies, and streams the best version of movies and shows only.

#3 isoHunts:

From a security standpoint, isoHunts is one of the safest choices available when it comes to torrenting websites. isoHunts provides users with P2P, and prioritizes privacy and security, above anything else.

isoHunts requires users to download its free client on their devices, which you will then be required to install and provide a legitimate email address, to gain access to high-quality torrents.

As illustrated in their website, isoHunts carries a diverse variety of genres, with anime, software, and games leading the list. isoHunts also spiders every BitTorrent tracker, which reduces the risk of having legal problems. If you’re looking for a safe alternative to usually risky torrenting sites, isoHunts is the way to go.

#4 SeedPeer:

SeedPeer is an innovative torrenting site which gives users access to a distinctly torrenting platform, with its clean and interactive interface.

Users may browse for their desired torrent files, which are available in a multitude of genres such as movies, games, apps, mucus, and others.

In addition to the quality torrent files available, users can also choose SeedPeer as a primary source to provide them with their daily dose of anime, along with book torrents as well.


For people who have difficulty in finding reliable torrent files, is nothing short of a haven for them.

With a simple and easy to understand interface,, allows users to search for their favorite movies and shows, on an arsenal of torrent sites. also enable users to select a proxy while browsing through the website.

Moreover, users can also configure search settings to better cater to their requirements.

#6 Torrentz2:

As per their website, Torrentz2 (, offers users a reliable option when it comes to discovering the latest torrenting files available.

Unlike other torrenting sites, torrentz2 serves as a powerful and fast meta-search engine, which combines and amalgamates results from many different search engines.

Using torrentz2 to find torrent files, exposes users to new and better versions of the movies and shows they love to watch/

#7 TorLock:

Most old practitioners of torrenting might not be familiar with the name TorLock since it is still relatively new in the industry.

However, within a short span of time, TorLock has risen to become a contender to the best torrenting sites present right now, thanks to the reliability of the torrenting link it offers.

Moreover, TorLock provides users with one of the best interfaces seen in torrenting websites, with each genre of files having its dedicated section.

TorLock also provides a guarantee, that the torrent links they provide will be updated regularly, which gives the platform an upper hand over their competitors.

#8 Toorgle:

Similarly to torrentz2, Toorgle is a search engine that provides users with diverse options when it comes to torrent links and files.

With an interface strikingly similar to Google, new users will find the Toorgle site extremely feasible to browse through and use. 

Additionally, the Toorgle website also gives users the option to add the Firefox search bar, along with the opportunity to integrate the Facebook application into the site.

#9 Nyaa.Si:

If you enjoy all things conventional, Nyaa.Si is what you need to soothe your torrenting needs.

Nyaa.Si is pretty uncomplicated to use and offers both magnet and torrent links for each available file on the platform. If you’re new to the world of torrenting, Nyaa.Si is an excellent place to start since it consists of the fundamentals of torrenting.

To simplify, Nyaa. Si, is like any other ‘modern’ torrenting site, without the in-your-face interface or complicated design.

#10 Zooqle:

A pretty decent alternative to TorrentHound can be seen in the form of Zooqle.

Zooqle serves as a directory for torrent links and provides users with easy access to the most popular TV shows and movies with ease. All you need to do to gain access to a plethora of entertainment is sign up and create an account on the website.

#11 RARBG:

With a strange name, RARBG might at first raise some suspicions on its legitimacy. On further inspection, however, it was revealed, that RARBG is a sturdy and reliable torrenting site.

Most of the torrent or magnet links present on RARBG are reliable and trustworthy, but it could use some updating on some of the torrent files. That being said, it is a highly recommended platform in the torrenting field and serves as a great alternative to TorrentHound.

#12 LimeTorrents:

Another great replacement for TorrentHound, LimeTorrents provides users with excellent torrent files, on many different genres of entertainment.

Also, LimeTorrents also enables users to search for keywords if they don’t necessarily remember the name of the movie or show they wish to download.

The interface of LimeTorrents is pretty straightforward, and torrents are categorically arranged depending on their popularity, etc.

#13 RuTracker:

Based in Russia, RuTracker serves as a highly recommended alternative to TorrentHound, as it is basically a collection of the best torrenting files, available for download without the hassle of going through thousands of different links.

The website also has a simple interface, and gives users insight into the torrenting process, along with providing them with news, etc.

#14 idope:

idope is another alternative to TorrentHound, which performs the primary function of being a torrenting search engine.

Similarly to torrentz2, and Zooqle, idope, offers users with a diverse list of torrent files, from many search engines.

#15 YTS:

Also referred to as YIFY, YTS is probably one of the best torrenting sites available right now.

Some benefits to using YTS are that unlike other websites, YTS only offers HD- quality torrent links, which means that you’re only getting the best of the best.

Furthermore, a scarce quality seen in YTS is that the torrent downloads are relatively smaller in size to the gigantic space torrent files usually occupy. Smaller torrent files also use less bandwidth space.

What was TorrentHound?

Initially founded in 2007, up until its demise in 2016, TorrentHound had garnered a huge devoted fan base. The popularity of the website can better be illustrated when we take into account the fact that TorrentHound rounded up to a million visitors per month when it was in its prime time.

Like most popular torrenting sites, TorrentHound offered users a variety of entertainment options, with famed movies and television shows readily available for download. Furthermore, TorrentHound provided users with an interface, which required little to no expertise, and was extremely easy to use.

Why did TorrentHound Bite the Dust?

Taking into consideration all of the attributes mentioned above in regards to TorrentHound as a torrenting platform, you might be even more surprised to hear that the owner of the website shut the website down voluntarily.

The closure of the website was established when the site’s founder sent an email to TorrentFreak, containing a simple one-word message- ‘Finito.’ The owner cited reasons of copyright claims (a significant problem in the torrenting industry); piling bills, less revenue generation and fewer visitors to the site, and ultimately decided to abandon it.

Furthermore, amongst all the torrenting sites to stumble to their demise, TorrentHound was the most popular torrenting to close down in 2016.

What safety precautions should be taken while torrenting?

Regardless of what belief you might be harboring, downloading torrents is a shady business. With copyright claims haunting almost every primary torrent website, run-ins with the law are more frequent than you might expect.

To protect your identity, keep the following tips in mind while downloading torrent files and links:

  • Download torrent links from respected websites only.
  • Make sure you’ve configured your torrent client, to disguise your activity from your ISP.
  • Try to use a proxy server to keep your location and identity private, which might be revealed via your IP address.
  • Always use a VPN while downloading torrent files.

In Conclusion:

Now that you’ve acquainted yourself with TorrentHound, as well as some suitable replacements, all that’s left to do is for you to enjoy your leisure time with a favorite movie and a bowl of popcorn.

However, as a responsible torrenting enthusiast, I’d urge you to keep the safety tips in mind while you download torrenting files, as a minor mistake from your side could end up corrupting all your files.

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