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Is AI Fulfilling the Promised Aspects Of Cybersecurity?

Artificial intelligence has evolved as the latest innovation in the digitalized world. Although it is not something new within the past few years, it has gained popularity, and now people are curious about how it might affect human lives.

Researches reveal some fascinating facts but this recent innovation. A survey was conducted in which out of 6000 people 61% believe that AI will make this world a better place to live.

In today’s digital world, cybersecurity is the prime concern of the people. They are worried that either artificial intelligence is fulfilling the promised aspects of cybersecurity or not.

The growing use of artificial intelligence is increasing the curiosity of this question, i.e., is AI helping us in dealing with cybercrime? In a way, it does it as we are improving our getting better security of data with time. But at the same time, it also has some drawbacks. Well, these questions lead to a series of discussion.

In this article, we will provide you the answer to this question and will lessen your curiosity level. Let’s find out about it.

Uses of AI:                    

Artificial intelligence is useful in some way, or the other.AI is prominently used for the benefit of human beings. Following mentioned below are some of the purposes for which artificial intelligence is useful.

  • AI provides people more natural ways to do their jobs and to understand more easily.
  • People get quicker ways of performing tasks so that more work can be done in lesser time.
  •  It provides internet security as well. It tries to form technologies that resemble human nature.[

AI In Internet Security:

AI is most generally used for internet or cybersecurity. With the increase in the number of cybercrimes, it has become essential to provide proper intelligence technology to the users. Hence new software is being produced to minimize such problems.

 According to some researches, 60% of people think that AI can prevent all attacks before they cause any damage. But there is a proportion of people who believe that it is not worth to stop all the mischievous people. Or is it?

Artificial intelligence can be used to identify threats that may occur or attacks to which urgent response is required.

AI In Terms of Cybersecurity:

Artificial intelligence is developing by each passing day. It has paved its root in different fields of life such as health, education, manufacturing, and cybersecurity too.

In cybersecurity or internet security, we can use artificial intelligence for the protection of data in several ways.  How AI is proving beneficial in terms of cybersecurity is elaborated below:

Credit card security:

Well, credit cards are a daily use item. We use our credit cards so often and doesn’t ever realize that how can we rely on its security. Well, the answer is simple! We know that some highly alerted intelligence system is always set up to protect our credit card details and prevent them from going anywhere.

But also if a hacker decides to hack in the system using AI, then it will become very much easier for him to get all our credit card details and then get easy access to the money.

Cyber crimes:

Nowadays all the information is on our phones. It has become easier for hackers to get the data from the phone in just a minute. But thanks to innovation in Artificial Intelligence. Now, we can easily decode their ways of hacking and save ourselves from leaking our information to them.

There are apps which are True caller that helps you get the information of the people who are contacting you wrongfully, i.e., sending abusive texts, or regularly calling for no reasons. But at the same time, these kinds of apps can be used differently. For example., if a person of bad intentions uses True caller App to find out about someone, then this is called stalking or cyberbullying which is unethical.

 A few days ago, my friend noticed that she had received a virus on her smartphone. She immediately used the antivirus source of artificial intelligence to locate who is sending her the virus and how to avoid it from damaging the phone contents. In this way, she was helped through the artificial intelligence of the phone database to save her personal information from going to someone dangerous.

Games and entertainment:

Now imagine you are sitting at home bored. You see your phone for something exciting, and just then a game pops open and asks you to accept its terms and conditions to start the game. You decide to play and accept the conditions. Now all your information goes to the creator of this game without even your acknowledgment.

Let’s suppose you open a random page from Google to watch your favorite shows on pirated sites, and then you catch a virus. This kind of issue is dealt with AI.

 For all such reasons, a proper Play store or an App Store is used to add the apps of your desire. You can find all the entertainment videos and games apps from these stores. Hence, AI has created a platform so that you don’t have to wander around on the internet and get yourself in deep trouble. Thus, it becomes easier for us to play games online now as we know they are safe.


Business and office information is very confidential and private. It should not reach any wrong hands. But hackers easily get all the business information about a company if it is not adequately secured using AI. AI provides spam filters which prevent our professional emails from going out in public or to people who may use it in a wrong way.

 Is AI Helpful In Combating Cyber Crimes?

Well, as we have mentioned before that all the techniques and methods developed in AI can easily backfire if a person with wrong intentions uses it to attack anyone and get access to their personal information and data. In this scenario, it can easily become a threat to our social, personal and professional lives.

Does AI Help In Cybersecurity?

So, in the light of the facts and points given above, we can say that artificial intelligence is a great method to take precautions steps against all sorts of cyberbullying or cyber crimes, But at the same time, it can also be very much harmful as its uses can be backfired undoubtedly. Hence it is also our job to see if it works correctly so that in future we can expect better security out of it.

Following are some ways by which we can improve AI which will later help in cybersecurity.

  • We can improve our artificial intelligence by creating more software with better qualities and security systems.
  • We can create such kind of intelligence that can immediately report words that seem dangerous (like a bomb, terror, terrorist, etc.) in someone’s messages or calls so, to verify as safe or not safe.
  • Many companies have seen the trend toward AI and are claiming these terms without having sophisticated AI/ML capabilities. Every company should use a proper set up of artificial intelligence to deal with all sorts of internet threats.

To sum up all, now we can say that AI is fulfilling the needs of cybersecurity to some extent, but it does need improvement in some ways.

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