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Here are The Reasons Why We Need ‘’Net Neutrality’’

Net neutrality is actually the idea of equally treating all internet traffic data. This concepts restricts the ISPs from blocking, slowing down, and charging extra money for any website, content, and different applications.

Having open access to knowledge and information is a fundamental right of every individual. Net neutrality provides open internet to everyone including individuals, corporations, and organizations. It makes easy for people to access different sites at the same speed without paying extra charges. Therefore, to enjoy open and free internet, net neutrality is important and needed.

Here mentioned below are some other reasons why we need net neutrality:

1- Net Neutrality Promotes Innovation:

When the internet is neutral so, it promotes innovation. There are various companies who have made most of the money due to their access to the internet. Now due to net neutrality big enterprises still enjoy the same access as freelancers or SMBs. In this way, everyone is able to acquire the same level of information along with a comfortable living.

2- Net Neutrality Offers Freedom of Expression:

If websites such as blogs, services, and cooperations follow the law so, they are able to function legally. There will be no censorship till violation of laws. If net neutrality won’t be present so, the ISP could possibly censor libelous content. They can also censor content which do not satisfy them.

3- Net Neutrality is an Equal Playing Field:

It has enabled businesses of all sizes to offer to their users appropriate tailor-made content to meet specific needs. Net neutrality has permitted numerous bloggers to attract a huge target audience. They do so by sharing contents that they are fervent and obsessive about.

4- Net Neutrality Prevents and Monitors Illegal Activities:

The basic aim of net neutrality is to provide an optimal experience to everyone. The open net prevents illegal activities such as the sharing of the illegal file. It is because each ISP is treated as a controlled common carrier.

5- Net Neutrality Provides Unfettered Access:

Net neutrality has the ability to stop the internet fast lanes. The service providers charge extra money to provide their service properly. With net neutrality, the user paying an extra fee can easily access various vibrant services. This includes online email, banking, and even different entertainment platforms.

6- Net Neutrality Keeps Information Private:

Net neutrality is a need for common man, business, and organizations. Within net neutrality the users are assured that all of their information will remain confidential. From credit card information or social security numbers, all sort of private information remains confidential and secured. Thus, net neutrality is the need of time to keep information private and secured.


To sum up, all net neutrality is something which is user-friendly. It should be present everywhere as it offers various advantages to all of its users. Since the FCC has repealed net neutrality which can impose a significant risk to user’s online privacy.

In such situation, users must opt to choose VPNs which allows them to surf the web anonymously by hiding their real identity too. VPNs are the only solution as it helps to bypass the geographically restricted sites without letting the ISP know about your activities.

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