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Does A VPN Slow Down Your Internet Speed? Real Facts

There are lots of factors involved in this, but let say! If you are using best and legitimate VPN service, it will slow down your regular internet speed like 5 to 8% because of encryption protocols, which is fair enough!

There are thousands of VPN companies in the market these days, and everyone competing with each other and making fake excuses as well.

Why Legitimate VPN Slow Down Internet Speed?

VPN suppose to slow the speed because it is providing your encrypted tunnel and complex routing to protect your privacy and security.

How does it work? Well! VPN use different routing channels to route your queries, search, request through a highly encrypted tunnel, which does not just make the request untraceable as well as it will make the “search” data or requested data encrypted.

By the time you hit search or request to ISP servers, VPN holds the request and perform 2 essential things in between.

  1. The first thing it will change the requested server or IP changed
  2. Then it will wrap the whole search data in chipper text formate, which is encrypted.

So! if VPN does that whole thing for you, compromising 5-8% sounds fair enough. As I said before, this is the case if its legitimate VPN provider, otherwise it could be more worse.

How Legitimate VPN Handle the Request Quickly?

VPN provider these days optimize their servers to keep the load away and manage the request as quickly as possible.

So this is how it works! Suppose you connected through VPN and hit “facebook” now, this request goest straight to your VPN server. Your VPN server encrypted the request data and sent to the desired location through your current ISP. But if your VPN provider got a wide range of servers then its easy task to do.

Features That Provides by VPN:

It’s not just about unblocking channels and websites, the core purpose of VPN is to provide 256bit encryption to your data.

Here is what VPN can do:

  • It will change your virtual Identity, which means your current IP location to another location.
  • It will allow you to browse anonymously around the world, without leaving a trace, unless you go your own.
  • It will help to bypass ISP throttling and bandwidth limits. As you know FCC passed the Ajit Pai Net neutrality recommendation and gave ISP rights to limit low bandwidth.
  • It will also prevent your ISP from selling your information to the advertiser, which is also passed in Net Neutrality Bill.
  • It will allow you to torrenting anonymously without getting caught.
  • It will allow you to Stream American content on Netflix and Hulu or BBC from everywhere you want.

VPNs That Don’t Slow Down Your Internet Speed:

I have tested various VPN providers who are claiming to be the best and fastest service provider in 2019. I bought them and tested it through speed testing methods on multiple timings of day and night.

Here are the top best I’ve found.

1# NordVPN – [4% Down]

Panama based VPN provider has a wide range of servers around the globe, up-to 5400 servers around the world, and servers optimized especially for P2P, which means these servers perform pretty well.

I have a 4% speed reduction while I have tested in the night, which is surprisingly well result.

Its also feature like “smart play,” which is DNS based setup, and it will give you super fast access to US Netflix and other streaming channels.

#2 ExpressVPN – [6% Reduction]

These guys pretty famous these days, easy to set up and easy to use on every device you got. Wide range of servers around the world, thousands of IP address to acquire.

It’s also providing features like DNS leak protection, kill switch, 256bit military-grade encryption, access to US Netflix super easily.

I have found 6-7% reduction while I was testing though with and without a VPN connection. Pretty decent results though.

They also allowed you to download torrents anonymously.

#3 SurfShark VPN [8-9%]

This is an exciting find; these are new in the market like two years I guess, found lots of discussion about Reddit and other social sites.

They have got 800+ servers around the world, as they are new in the market with new servers, speed and streaming is no big deal for them. Its is also providing 256bit encryption protocols.

One of the great advantages of sharkshark is working in China, working with American Netflix, Hulu, and other channels.


VPN does slow down your regular internet speed, but it shouldn’t be more than 10%, if your VPN is reducing a lot more, you should consider to contact them or use alternative.

VPN does slow down your regular internet speed, but it shouldn’t be more than 10%, if your VPN is reducing a lot more, you should consider to contact them or use an alternative.

As I have recommended, they won’t disappoint you.

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  1. Surprised you have not mentioned purevpn in there, well yeah does slow down the internet speed. but exceptions are more higher than this. like should work with streaming and other things. I was using zenmate and it’s working really great.

    • 1. PureVPN is not an option to choose! they were involved in “revealing user data logs to FBI” which is unfair to user privacy and security as well as they compromised their or privacy policy which is absolutely not fair.

      2. Yes VPN should provide all the things, whether its the matter of privacy or geo-graphical restriction.
      3. Zenmate won’t be a great choice, I have recently covered the review. speed was horrible, even its leaking the DNS which is pathetic.