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Is A VPN Worth And Safe To Use? Let’s Find Out

Internet security has become more of a dream now rather than a reality.  People are now paranoid and are questioning every security measure. Even, I am being bombarded with questions such as “are VPNs worth it? Or “is it safe to use a VPN?”

These questions I would say are legit. This is because every day, there are a million cases of data leaks or hacks. Even our ISPs, which are supposed to value our trusts, are now being fined for $5B by the FTC for data leaks.

Moreover, even the tech giants such as Facebook is not that reliable anymore and is known to leak user data. Also, Google has recently claimed to ban several fake extensions from the web store, which were selling user data. 

But the sad truth is that, if these apps are selling our data, we are at a loss. This is because we allowed them to access our data by downloading them. 

Thus with the circumstances so dire, worth of using VPNs and how safe VPNs are is indeed food for thought here, which is why after intensive research, I have compiled this article. 

However, by now, most of you might be wondering why is it so necessary to use a VPN. Well, here are the risks involved:

Why Use a VPN Tech

If you are living a blissfully ignorant life and you think that your ISP is not tracking you well then it’s about time you wake up! With Trump administration, net neutrality has long been brutally murdered and now not only the ISP; in fact, most of the applications are hoarding up user data. 

Even the mighty Facebook and Google has been proven guilty of such acts! The primary purpose of collecting this data is to sell it to advertisers so they can create content in line with what people like. 

Now imagine would you like your guilty pleasures spilled for everyone to view? Not even guilty pleasures, would you want any personal information accessible to the world? Definitely not! Invasion of privacy is indeed intolerable. 

Apart from that, there are many other reasons why you should use a VPN such as:

  • Hackers and cybercriminals are always on the search of an unprotected network to hack into or inject ransomware, malware or virus into it. VPNs protect the network through encryption. 
  • ISPs throttle your internet if you use torrent. However, VPNs hide your data through encryption and allow you to remain anonymous. this way,  you are not subjected to throttling. Also, many VPNs support torrenting and P2P file sharing
  • Streaming heavy content can also make you a victim of throttling. However, VPNs can help prevent that. 
  • Using Netflix and Hulu by changing your locations is more manageable through a VPN. 

Therefore, using a VPN definitely has its advantages; however, the million-dollar question here is that it even worth it?

Is Using VPNs Worth It?

There is no question on whether we are being monitored or not. So VPN by far is one of the best safety tool available to deal with it. With a high level of encryption, they actively ensure the security and the privacy of their users. So Yeah! They are definitely worth it and are, in fact, essential to use. 

Now you all must be wondering on why these VPNs are worthy? Well to only it, primarily due to the privacy and the security they offer! Most of the highly paid VPN services offer the military-grade AES 256- bit encryption, which is the best in the market. 

Also apart from that, with VPNs intact, you can easily remain anonymous online. This is possible as VPNs have servers in various places and they provide their users with a fake IP address. Also, as the servers are in multiple locations, you can change your virtual location too by connecting to these servers. 

This way you can hide even from your ISPs! Apart from that, there are also many other added features which you can enjoy while using a VPN service such as:

  • VPNs allow you to unblock any website you want from wherever you want. 
  • You can download torrents anonymously without compromising speed, and never get caught.
  • With a VPN, you can easily bypass ISP Tracking, Monitoring, and Throttling.
  •  You can watch your favorite channels from abroad, like Netflix, Hulu, and BBC. 
  • You can have all social media sites with you even if you are traveling where these sites are banned.

However, it is crucial to put into consideration that only a legit VPN connection ensures your privacy and security.  Therefore, while choosing a VPN service, make sure you don’t get trapped into using a Fake VPN or a free VPN. 

Getting a Free VPN is like, you are hiring a security guard without paying anything, what happened next you can imagine.

Now that we have been talking about being secure and private online, another crucial question is:

IS VPN Safe To Use?

As far as the safety of a VPN service is considered, then if you have a legit VPN? So yes, you are safe and encrypted all the times. These VPN services have a carefully constructed reputation, and they are known for the privacy and the security they offer. 

This is why they stand by what they say and provide their users with the best encryption, privacy, and security policy. This is why having a legit VPN service is the best way to be entirely sure that you are safe online. 

As far as VPNs are concerned, your information remains entirely secure and private as long as you are connected to the network. Also, with that, your identity remains anonymous. This is because VPN builds a connection between your device and your ISP. 

Therefore, whenever you search for something or stream some content online, the VPN network you are connected to make an encrypted request to desire server through your ISP. While doing so, it also changes your location and provides you with a false IP address. 

 Which means that the ISP is aware of the data packet passing through their servers, but they don’t know the data present in the content. This is primarily because of encryption, which has the data hidden. Also, as the location and the IP address is changed, they don’t even understand who generate the request. 

However, for ultimate security, it’s highly recommended to use a VPN with the router. This way, the whole network is secured instead of that security being confined on a particular device. 

Legit & Trusted VPN Providers 2019:

I have been testing and reviewing tons of VPN provider from while now. Before considering any VPN, I would go to check the credibility of the VPN service from users feedback. 

Mostly I used Reddit community to check about VPN provider, before digging into it. After these assessments, the following VPN provider was able to satisfy me:


This is most recommend VPN in any case, whether you are looking for streaming, torrenting or privacy and security. With an impressive number of 4500+ servers in many countries, this VPN service surely promises to outclass user experience. 

Within communities like Reddit, NordVPN is the most discussed VPN provider in any matter. Just make sure you didn’t land on fake discussion area, where they use to market their own VPN with a bunch of guys. 

Special Features:

  • P2P Optimized servers that allow torrenting without compromising your speed.
  • SmartPlay features give you quick access to American Netflix, Hulu, BBC, and many more streaming channels. 
  • It is offering 256bit encryption, which is toughest and unreadable ever!
  • Kill-switch with DNS Leak Protection.
  • No Log Policy make your data fade away.

Evaluation of VPN Service

There are a few steps you can take to evaluate the service before getting into that properly. As there are thousands of VPN out there these days, and everyone making fake promises. 

Run it through this process; you will never get pranked. 

  • Search about VPN credibility: it’s recommended to use the Reddit community to read user feedback about them. I always recommend NordVPN, so you need to type in Google “nordVPN Reddit,” you will get lots of discussion about them. Once you make your mind lets go another step. [do not read on reviews sites, they are just selling them]
  • Run a Speed test: it’s essential to check the speed test of VPN providers because this is a crucial thing which almost everyone missed. VPN does slow down your internet speed because of encryption routing. But it shouldn’t be more than 5%. You can get seven days refund policy if you don’t understand what you want, then get a refund.
  • Encryption Test: It is a highly technical thing to look up. I had used Wireshark to check which encryption protocol has been used while I was searching through browsers and downloading. 
  • DNS Leak Test: This occurs when somehow you internet outage or provider get fulled, and sometimes your internet goes nude with real information. Which is primarily caused by DNS leak. This mostly happens when you are downloading torrents or streaming blocked channels. So here is the tool to check if your VPN is leaking the DNS or not. 
  • Check Torrent Leak: ISP can sniff the P2P traffic from a mile away, this quickly sends and receive method sometimes leak your original IP address. Which will get you caught while torrenting, and get you Notice, Yeah A Legal Notice? Use this tool to make sure that your VPN capable of handle this amount of stress or not. 
  • Kill Switch: mostly provider offers these features these days, but some of them still don’t. Ask them before getting the VPN. 

Ending Note: Yeah VPNs are worth & safe to use but make sure you get the best one. Get away from free kinds of stuff and fake VPNs. 

Good Luck!

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