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5 Best Anonymous Browsers For Private Browsing

Don’t you hate it when your sneaky neighbor is always trying to put that large nose of hers into your business? She tries her best to know everything about you- from the number of minutes you spend out of home or only your favorite Chinese place! She has to know everything, doesn’t she?

Now just imagine the same thing happening over the internet, but rather on a much larger scale. Being private or anonymous online is definitely a big joke on us! With the recent net neutrality laws in place as well as most organizations holding our online data for the mere purpose of selling it out, online privacy is now a moot point.

Our online information is of specific interest of the ISP as well as the government. Even Google is now all up and about tracking us. Now the prospect of staying anonymous or protecting out privacy online is definitely bleak, but however, there are some specific measures we can take up to remain (almost) secure online.

One such measure is the use of anonymous browsers. As browsers are the primary connection that allows us to surf around the internet, it is better to top up the privacy from there. This article contains information on anonymous browsers. Here is the list of the ones covered up here:

  • TOR browser
  • Epic privacy browser
  • Comodo Dragon/ Ice Dragon
  • SRWare Iron
  • Brave

Anonymous browsers allow users to remain somewhat secure and private over the internet. They prevent anyone who is trying to spy on you from doing that so. The information regarding the sites you visit and your physical location. To make it easy for you to make your decision, these browsers are best described below:

How to Browse with Complete Privacy?

Get the securest browser like Tor doesn’t mean your browsing completely private. Tor browser is the best most private and anonymous browser these days, but there are many agencies working out to get people caught.

So this is what you can do about it, as you know browser like Tor even can’t provide your encryption as VPN does. so!

  1. Connect with VPN before installing secure browser into your system. whatever browser you pick from below will not give you encryption.
  2. Install Tor Browser

In my recommendation: connect the VPN before running the Tor browser, this will secure your browsing from anyone who is looking for it. Your browsing request handled by double security protocols.

1.     Tor Browser For Privacy

Created by the CIA itself for the primary purpose of providing privacy and security, the Tor privacy browser is an excellent option for anyone who wants to be anonymous online. It works by bouncing the internet traffic through a distributed network of relays or nodes.

That is all the information that is supposed to go from point A to B in general bounces through a network of loosely bonded locations. This makes the tracking down of information somewhat impossible, which is why it is considered to be a secure browser.

Its security is also guaranteed by the fact that it is used by the US Navy and the government to visit the dark web and to gather intelligence without leaving digital trace such as the government IP addresses.

Tor was basically built with numerous modifications to Firefox, such as added privacy and security. The No Script feature in this browser comes up as a default. This makes Tor unexceptionally secure and the best open source alternative to Google Chrome.

However, it does have one downfall that is the lack of speed it presents. This is mainly because the internet traffic of the user while being on Tor bounces through multiple tunnels before reaching its real destination. This makes it a little less fast than other anonymous browsers, but this issue can easily be overcome with the help of a fast internet connection.

Otherwise, Tor is definitely one of the best anonymous browsers to opt for while looking for a way to safeguard your privacy online. It is best available for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

2.     Epic Privacy Browser

This Chromium-based browser is topped with a great ability to stop 600+ tracking attempts that are bound to occur once a user is merely browsing over the internet. It is equipped to restrict websites from ad pop-ups, fingerprinting, crypto mining, ultrasound signaling and etc.

Epic privacy browser is best used with the help of an encrypted proxy which allows your data to be encrypted and hidden from the government, your ISP, from Google and anyone who is trying to collect your data.

Apart from that, one added advantage to using this browser is that once you close Epic privacy browser by default deletes the browsing history, cookies, web cache, databases, web, Flash and Silverlight cookies and everything that would anyway compromise the user privacy. It is available on Windows as well as Mac.

3.     Comodo Dragon/ Ice Dragon

Comodo created two versions of anonymous browsers- one being Chromium based secure web browser which is equipped with all the Chrome’s features along with the added on privacy and security.

The next version- Comodo Ice Dragon has Mozilla Firefox as a base along with added security, performance and feature enhancement.

Both of these versions created by Comodo are equipped with top-notch privacy features that help remain the user stay secure from any third party who might want to snoop into anyone’s privacy.

Furthermore, the free version of these browsers is a virtualized mode that conveniently isolates the browser from the host system. This can be activated by installing Comodo’s free antivirus software- Comodo Internet Security (CIS). It is available for Mac, Windows and Linux users.

4.     SRWare Iron

This is yet another one of the best ranked anonymous browser with open-source Chromium project as a base. The features it offers are therefore pretty much the same as Chrome, minus the points that cause privacy concerns.

It sure has a point though that makes it stand out from Chrome that is the efficient data protection it provides. Chrome faces lots of criticism over the “Unique User ID” which pops up to alert the users on data usage every time a session is started. SRWare has however, stripped that function down.

Furthermore, its principal function is to eliminate possible usage tracking and various other tasks that are a threat to the privacy of the users of Google Chrome. It is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

5.     Brave

If you are looking for speedy browsers which offer anonymity, then Brave might be the option for you. This browser is by default designed to block advertisements, trackers, and is also considerably reduce chances of malware, ransomware, and spyware infection. It is available on Windows, Mac, Linus, Android, and iOS platforms.

Although Brave is indeed a good option, there is a slight drawback to it that it has started showing ads while it clearly claims not to do so. Furthermore, Like in every Chromium-based browser, WebRTC has to be blocked in Brave too. This can quickly be done by setting the fingerprinting option to “Block All Fingerprinting.” This method fails restricts WebRTC, but there is no complete blockage still.

Parting words

Privacy over the internet can be caused through various means such as proxies or VPN services. However, for the most primary privacy set up anonymous browsers sure strike a good deal in keeping you secure.

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