Shigraf A.

Shigraf is a tech enthusiast who is zealous of following emerging technology. She has a knack of writing on topics varying from cybersecurity and AI, with a flair of passion to it. Apart from hogging technology, she spends her time buried in novels usually of sci-fi or mystery genre.

CISOs plan to seek more investment into cybersecurity

According to the Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) which is an industry consortium dedicated to reducing cyber-risk in the global financial system -several CISOs have decided to ask the CFO of various financial institutions an increase in the cybersecurity investment. As stated by the CEO of FS-ISAC, Steve Silberstein, “The advancement and […]

Tremendous, Irreparable Damage Caused by the Most Significant Breaches Within the Past Three Years

According to a Bitglass report, publicly traded companies who were a victim of the worst data breaches caused a 7.5 percent decrease in the stock price. The most extensive data breaches occurred over the last three years on pub.icly traded companies was researched by Bitglass to uncover cybersecurity trends and the amount of damage weak […]