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7 Totally And Completely Free VPNs In 2020

VPNs are indeed the best tool available to ensure privacy and security online. These VPNs are divided with a class difference with the paid versions being viewed as elite. However, as underestimated they are, free VPNs are also there to rescue you when need arise.

This article contains some of the best free VPN services available such as:

1. Proton VPN [Free Version]

Although it has a paid version available too, it offers some of the best deals for its free VPN users also. With a reasonably strict no-logging policy, these VPN services offer an unlimited bandwidth range to even for its free users.

Meaning, you can use data throughout the month without it running out. However, there sure are many other vines of restrictions the free users are enwrapped in. First off, in the free version, there is no option for P2P file sharing, and there is a significant lack of speed as compared to the paid version.

Apart from that, the free users are only limited to one device at a time. Moreover, they also face restriction to three locations for connection. In spite of this, it covers an extensive list of clients such as Windows PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Key points:

  • No monthly data limits
  • Good security features
  • Limited to one location
  • Offers only three locations to choose from

2. Windscribe

This newcomer into the VPN world has a lot to offer to its users, even if it is the free ones. First off it provides a whopping 10 GB bandwidth per month, which is considered suitable for a free VPN service. Moreover, it also follows a strict no-logging policy, claiming not to store connection logs, IP stamps, and the sites its users visit.

Apart from that, it offers excellent security features. Thus, while you are connected to a server Windscribe stores only your username, the VPN server you are connected to and the amount of data you are transferring. These guys though promise to erase this data just after three minutes, which is satisfactory. Also, there is a built-in firewall and adblocker with it too!

However, the best thing about this free VPN service is the number of server locations it offers. It has a good ten remote VPN servers for even its free users, including Hong Kong Canada and the US. To sign up to it, you only need a username and a password with email being optional.

The drawback to this VPN service is that it is unavailable for Android users. Now, this is undoubtedly a major bummer!

Key points:

  • 10 GB data monthly data
  • Impressive privacy policy with adblocker and firewall
  • Ten locations offered
  • No Android client is available

3. Hotspot Shield

This VPN service made up to my list of the best ones, primarily because of the military-grade encryption it offers. That is something great to offer even to the free users! Moreover, with it, you can protect up to five devices, which is suitable for a free VPN service.

Although it is relatively easy to use, however setting up is a hassle as it requires you to go through a seven-day trial of the paid version. Apart from that, this VPN service is somewhat restrictive. First off it offers a 500 Mb daily allowance which is barely enough.

Apart from that, in the free version, the users are restricted to automated locations. Means they don’t get to choose which location they want to connect to. However, in spite of this, Hotspot is indeed a reasonably excellent VPN service to opt for if you’re going to steer clear of streaming.

Key points:

  • 500MB per day data allowance
  • Automated locations
  • Military-grade encryption

4. Betternet

Been around since 2015, this VPN service is reasonably new to the privacy world. With an easy to use user interference, it offers decent privacy options. The encryption method used here is standard.

However, for a free VPN service based in Canada, one of the four eyes surveillance country, these guys are bold enough to have a strict no-logging policy. Moreover, they also don’t require their customers to register, so their emails are even not logged in with them.

But yet again, there are restrictions with this service, such as there is a limited 500MB daily usage. Apart from that, the free users are also not allowed to choose their locations and are handed automated locations. Another drawback here is that it displays reasonably annoying ads.

In spite of this, all in all, it is a reasonably excellent VPN service, which is available for all platforms.

Key points

  • 500 MB daily data usage
  • Automated location
  • Decent privacy policy

5. Tunnel Bear

These guys at TunnelBear have offered serious protection in spite of the cute design. Although they are based in Canada, they follow strict no-logging policy and don’t even require any users to register to their service. Moreover, they offer the good 256 bit AES encryption, too, which is just awesome.

Apart from that, even its free users are offered simultaneous connections to up to five devices. They have also provided free users with 22 locations to choose from. However, the best thing they are offering is the “vigilant bear” features that protect you while you are connecting/disconnecting or if your connection drops.

On top of it all, unlike other free VPN services, TunnelBear also allows torrenting and TOR to its users. This is all seemingly great apart from the restrictive 500MB monthly allowance it offers.

Also, the fact that it gives slow speeds and doesn’t support router installation is a bummer too! In spite of this, all in all, I would give it a thumbs up for the other features it offers.

Key points:

  • 500MB monthly data usage
  • 22 locations
  • Strong privacy policy
  • Multiple device connections.

6. Speedify

Just like the name depicts, this VPN survive promises a super-fast VPN connection, and surely lives up to its name too! It offers secure encryption to its users, and even with that, it ensures the speed is at the optimum level through the turbo-boosting feature.

Apart from that, regarding privacy, the company claims to have a strict no-logging policy, but it is based in the US, so it is something to be vigilant about. Apart from that, it offers only 1 GB monthly allowance, which is very low. But to make up for it provides 1,000 servers in 50 relatively good countries.

So to sum it all up, it is a decent VPN connection and unexceptionally great for those who demand a speedy connection.

Key points

  • 1 GB monthly allowance
  • Good privacy policy
  • Super-fast speed
  • 1,000 servers

7. Hide Me

This is a reasonably excellent VPN service that is aptly designed to provide you privacy. They live up to their name and follow a relatively strict no-logging policy. They also promise not to store any user data or sell information to third parties, which is perfect!

Moreover, it provides 2GB data to its free users and doesn’t throttle it too. However, the downside here is the restrictive three locations it offers to the free users that is Canada, Singapore, and the Netherlands. Apart from that, it provides essential software for Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

All in all, it is reasonably impressive for a free VPN service providers.

Key points

  • 2 GB data
  • Decent privacy
  • 3 locations
  • Limited to one device.

Why Use A Free VPN?

Now I am aware of how dangerous free VPNs can be. There is a lot of hype on them on how they sell information or how they are too sloppy to really protect you. However, at times, these free VPN services are the ultimate best friend you are looking for!

Some of these services I have mentioned in this article strike a good deal in favor of their users. They are convenient if you only need to have security over sending emails or online shopping. Apart from that, there are other undeniable perks to Free VPNs.

Such that if you only need to connect to public Wi-Fi while you are traveling for a short time, then you can use a free VPN service. After all, something surely is better than nothing! However, as free things often come bearing a hidden price. While opting for a free VPN service, it is better to be vigilant about which service you choose.

How To Choose The Best Free VPN Service

Choosing a free VPN service that fir best to your needs and is safe is undoubtedly a hard task. While opting for a service, the following are the key aspects to ponder upon:

1. How much anonymity it is providing

VPNs are best used to get anonymity and privacy. If there is a VPN service that is not giving anonymity, then there is no point in using it. A VPN provider that allows subscription without an email address is the best deal out there. So make sure you opt for one of those.

2. Logging policy

Your personal data is just something that is for you, and only you! If the VPN service provider is keeping logs, then there is a high chance that it might be selling them off to third parties. So it is better to be careful and check the privacy policy of the VPN service you are opting for.

3. How is it making money

If a service is providing something for free, the most obvious question is, where does it earn money from? Getting to know the business model is something deemed necessary. If it is making money by selling information, then it is better to steer clear from it.

4. Its protection methods

As you are looking up to a VPN service purely to provide you protecting, then its methods of protection are a must to look up at. Some services may allow ads that again may secretly be juicing your information. This is why it is better to opt for a VPN service that blocks ads and has the best encryption methods.

Are you enticed yet?

Now that you are all aware regarding which VPN service to opt for and which ones are the best. It is better to protect yourself. Having no protection is far better than having flimsy protection so gear up and get yourself one of the free VPN service if not a paid one. And so happy surfing!

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