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Why Is My Internet Slow? Quick Fixes

Isn’t is t irritating when you are trying to send an essential file to someone, and it is on an urgent basis, and your internet starts having connection problem at this time? Or when you are on the last level of a game, and you are killing it and have high scores and trying to maintain it, and just at that time, the internet speed starts to get slow, and internet starts having connection problems again?

Or when you are downloading a new app to try it out for fun, and the internet connection problem starts. And then my personal favorite, maybe it is Sunday, and after a whole week of having a workload, you are ready to binge-watch episode of your favorite shows, just when again, boom, internet connection problem!

Doesn’t it feel like uh! So irritating! Well, yes it is. So in such cases what should a person do. The answer is simple now. We have an internet speed test that can help us solve such problems. So in this article, we will discuss internet speed test and how can it fix the internet connection problems.

How Can We Begin an Internet Speed Test?

To begin an internet speed test, it is essential that first of all, we start by taking some crucial steps that will help the internet speed test. These are some of the ways by which we can begin the internet speed test:

  • Check router
  • Don’t perform activities on the internet
  • Install antivirus software
  • Password
  • Browser

1.     Check Router:

It is important that you check your router properly. If the router is having any problem with the connection, then you must try restarting it first. If restarting the device doesn’t work then the very next step should be to change the position of the router.

By doing so, we can increase the speed of internet and even solve the connection problems. Hence in some cases, we would not also need to perform a speed test. So, firstly you should always make sure of the device problem.

2.     Don’t perform activities on the internet:

Next, after checking the router connection problems, you must make sure that you do not perform any other activities on the internet. That means that while waiting for the speed test to happen, you should try doing something else other than surf on the internet.

When you perform a security test, it is essential that no other internet activity is happening during this process, hence this way the internet speed test will take place without difficulty. So, try doing something else for a time pass.

3.     Install antivirus software:

When an attacker wants to plant malicious software on your computers and laptops and phones, they use their hacking techniques to do so. At times like these, you must prevent yourself from such kind of malware. Hence you should try using antivirus software.

Antivirus software will help you to save your devices from any malicious activities. And if malicious activities are stopped then one may smoothly perform an internet speed test. Hence, you should first install antivirus software before beginning an internet speed test. The best antivirus software is given in this link.

4.     Password Revealed:

A reason behind slow internet connection is that your password might be with other people also, connecting many devices to your router. It may be your neighbors who are using your internet without your permission.

So to save yourself from slow internet connection you must change your password, so if anyone in the neighborhood is using your password without your permission, then they will not be able to do so anymore as their device will itself be disconnected from the Wi-Fi connection.

5.     Browser:

You can make the work of the antivirus software stress-free by using a protected browser. It is necessary that you use a browser that is secured from any malicious software. A good browser may increase internet speed as well as the limit of the internet speed test.

You must safely use the browser by making sure that you do not tap or click on any links that may seem mischievous. That is because they might be malware planted by hackers to trap us. So try to refrain from clicking any posts or links that may appear distrustful because those might just be tricks to hack your system.

Solving Internet connection problems using an internet speed test:

An Internet speed test is the best way to solve the internet connection problems. It quickly addresses the issues occurring in the connection and speed by troubleshooting all of the problems. How the internet speed test might be helpful are:

  • Other Software
  • Close Programs In Task Manager
  • Browser Update
  • Internet History
  • Cookies And Cache
  • Devices Update

1. Other software

It is not always necessary that the problem occurring is because of the hard drive only. Sometimes the issue may be with your software. This may happen because the software is not reliable according to the computer or the device.

That means that the software you are using may not be compatible with the computer and might need a change. So you should consider trying other software that might match with the compatibility of your computer. Hence other software should be used instead of the same ones.

2. Close program task manager

Sometimes internet connection may slow down because of many tabs that are opened for no reason. These tabs are the programs that make an internet connection weak and slow. So it is better to close such tabs that are not in any use.

These programs that are making the internet connection speed slow should be closed so that they would not disturb the internet speed again. The task manager can do this without difficulty. You can go to the task manager and close these programs that are not becoming handy anymore.

3-  Browser update:

Another reason that might cause your internet connection to be slow is the not updated version of the browser. If you are using a browser that has not been updated for a long time, then you may face internet connection difficulties. Hence it is essential that you update your browser.

Or you can also do this that you can try out new browsers and see which one works the fastest. When you find the one that provides the best internet speed then change your browser with that browser. Hence you can either update or change your browser.

4- Internet history:

If you are a regular internet user, which I am sure you are (because everyone nowadays is), so must know about internet history. It is the place where all your search history is stored. But when this is overloaded or fulled, then it might cause the internet to slow down.

Hence to rectify the problem of slow internet connection it is also vital that you should delete all the internet browsing history. But before doing so, it is also essential that you store all the important information on some other place before deleting it.

5-  Cookies and cache:

Sometimes while browsing when you visit any site, you might not know, but some cookies are stored on the device. These cookies might be for the reason that they help the site work faster. However, they decrease the speed of the internet. Hence they are not suitable for internet speed.

These cookies bring cache into our systems. They both slow down the internet speed. Hence it is very much important that we clear these caches in order to remove the cookies. This way also the internet speed will increase more frequently. So, clearing it is a better option.

6- Devices update:

When using the internet, your internet device may become old to use. Your devices like your router or modem that maybe is being used for a long time is no more capable of performing tasks with high speed. The might not be able to work at all.

So, it is essential that we change or update these units. Whenever the router or modem becomes rusty, it works slowly, and thus it is important to change or update it at that time. A new router or a new modem will be much faster than the previous one.

Always Remember:

  1. Never do your internet speed test in the incorrect place.
  2. You need to do it in a room with no physical obstacles to block the signal.
  3. Try doing a speed test in every room of your house for the best place to put your device.
  4. Restart your device and don’t open any apps before you do the test.
  5. Lastly, stop all your downloads so you can perform a faster internet speed test.


So, next time when your internet speed slows down, I think you know what to do. Just follow all the functions above and perform an internet speed test and you will see how your internet works without any interruption.

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