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Do You Need A VPN? Why VPN Necessary? Real Facts

Last Updated 22 July 2019

Be honest with you! I think everyone should use the Legit VPN service because we are connecting to the internet all the times.

In this era, we are not just dealing with the hacker to sniff you up! your social media accounts whether it’s on Facebook or snap chat not save anymore. You might hear of recent facebook user privacy leaked and get finned by FTC for $5B.

Even you ISP now can legally sell your browsing data and information to an advertiser to better track you. hows that?

These are the major concerns in which VPN can help you with.

  1. Digital surveillance
  2. Hacking attacks
  3. ISP monitoring and selling your information
  4. hackers sniffing
  5. Cam monitoring
  6. Wifi security
  7. getting caught while torrenting
  8. ISP throttling
  9. Unblock sites while you are abroad

Recommendations: use only reputable VPN to get the job done with more safety.

What Exactly Is A VPN?

Simply put, a Virtual Private Network, abbreviated as a VPN, is any programming that works by creating an encrypted connection over a much less secure and unencrypted connection, which might be a public internet connection at your local café. 

Although VPNs were initially devised to link together business networks for secure access from home, the purposes for which VPNs are used now have little left of the original purpose they were created to fulfill.

Nowadays, VPNs have catapulted in terms of popularity as they play a critical part in securing millions of user’s online communication. Since a VPN masks your actual IP address and encrypts all the online communication being sent from your device to the server (of your choice), users can avail access to blocked content and broaden the horizons of their online searches and activities. 

How Does a VPN Work?

To better understand how a VPN works by encrypting your online communication, let’s take into consideration an arbitrary example, without falling into the hassle of IT terminologies.

Imagine a house on a busy street. Much like a regular internet connection, that is, without a VPN connection, the doors and windows of this house are without any locks and wide open, rendering the happenings inside the home visible to anyone passing by, as well as making the house vulnerable to an arsenal of threats, including robberies and thefts. 

On the opposite end of the street, there stands a house with the same number of windows, although the only difference lies in the security of the homes. House B has properly secured windows and doors, protected by multiple locks, and the happenings on the inside of the house are made obscure to the strangers passing by through curtains. 

Similarly to House A, when a person connects to the internet without a VPN, your unencrypted data is out in the open and vulnerable to a range of attacks. However, when you make the same connection through a VPN service, all the information being communicated to and from your device undergoes encryption and is then sent to your ISP and then to the VPN server. 

As all online communication is being sent to the VPN server instead of your default IP server, it offers the following advantages to the user in terms of privacy and security:

  • The website you visit sees the VPN server as the source of traffic, instead of you.
  • Your identity becomes masked as your computer isn’t the source of online communication anymore.
  • Your data is encrypted and would look like gibberish to any third-party poking their noses in. 

That being said, a typical VPN connection is much more secure than connecting to the web through the standard, unencrypted way. To familiarize ourselves with the workings of a VPN, let’s have a look at the functions that they offer:

What VPN Can Do?

A VPN efficiently encrypts the traffic between the user and the VPN server. It makes it difficult and impossible for anyone to view the contents of that traffic. Although it is perfectly legal to use a VPN however, if you do something illegal, then you need to worry much.

If you want to boost the level of privacy so, it is necessary to use a VPN service. However, most of the people who use a VPN service for improving their privacy end up connecting to insecure services like Facebook, etc. It is the same situation when they are not using VPN service thus; it is easy for anyone to identify them.

When using the internet, you are not sure if anyone is keeping an eye on your data mainly when you are using public Wi-Fi or hotspots. Using a VPN will ensure you to work safely and securely through a protected tunnel so; attackers won’t be able to get the right to access your data.

Thus, it is essential to use a VPN.

In this article, we will present you with further information regarding the importance of VPN, and different reasons why to use VPN service. Also, we will also shed light on the issues which a user might face if they won’t use a VPN service.

Is a VPN Necessary To Use?

In today’s modern world, we use the internet for a variety of online tasks. Like from file sharing to online banking, from buying products to online investments and from inputting our email address and passwords on any website. Hence, it is crucial to make sure that all of our personal information is secured and to ensure this thing VPN is necessary.

A VPN secures and protects the internet connection by using mix tools designed to make online activities private. VPN adds a layer of privacy to both private and public networks like Wi-Fi hotspots.

With the repulsion of net neutrality, the importance of VPN has shown a steady increase. Now, the citizens will surely need a VPN at all time to bypass ISP throttling and to unblock specific sites and online services. Remember, if you are a citizen of five eyes, nine eyes, and fourteen eyes alliance you will always need VPN service on your devices before using any website or online service.

With time, the importance of VPNs has realized by not only individuals but also by organizations and business cooperates. Now, companies and organizations use VPNs to communicate privately over public networks to share data, videos and voice messages.

Also, VPN is also essential since it is a perfect option for remote workers and companies with offices worldwide and partners to share data privately and confidentially. 

VPNs are also crucial for boosting personal privacy. Individual users can also use VPN to enhance their online privacy. Moreover, they can easily access to various streaming channels like Hola and Netflix and likewise, can protect their real identity anywhere over the internet.

Reasons Why It Is Necessary To Use A VPN:

The VPN servers act as an anonymous middleman. It performs the function of browsing so; the service provider can’t trace the websites you often visit. In other words, the service provider won’t be able to see what you are doing over the internet.

When you connect to a VPN server so, you appear on the internet from the IP address provided by the VPN server other than your IP address. Therefore, any website that monitors user’s activity won’t be able to know from where you are browsing.

A user might use a VPN for several reasons. Mentioned below are the top five reasons for which a user uses a VPN.

1.When you are using public Wi-Fi:

When you are using public Wi-Fi even if a password secures it, then VPN is the best option to ensure your privacy.

Just suppose it an attacker is on the same Wi-Fi network then it is easy for them to get access to your data. If you use VPN service, then it will add a security layer to your data. Thus, ensuring that you bypass the public Wi-Fi’s ISP and encrypts your entire communication.

2.When you are on a journey:

If you are traveling to any country and let’s suppose access to specific sites is restricted. Thus, in this case, a VPN will help you in accessing services which are not available in that country.

The VPN service will allow you to use certain streaming services which you paid for and have access to your home country as well as where ever you travel. In other words, you can enjoy all the facilities while you are in another country just as in your home country.

Using a VPN while traveling is very helpful and beneficial for travelers. They can find cheap airfare while using a VPN.

3.When you are a distant worker:

Some employees often use a VPN to access company services distantly majorly due to security reasons. The VPN server connects you to your company’s server and provides you access to internal networks and resources when you are not physically present in the office.

4.To bypass government restriction:

Some countries have some limitations for the press, freedom of speech and expression. These countries not only limit our internet access but also block certain websites. In such countries, VPN is an effective and the correct choice. Users can use the internet safely and securely without the fear of being caught.

5.When you want personal privacy:

Everyone wants to remain safe and secure while they are using the internet. Using a VPN for personal privacy and safety is a great idea to stay secured and protected from all kinds of snooping eyes.

What Happens If You Don’t Use a VPN?

VPN acts as a shield by protecting the user’s online activities. By using a VPN user can anonymously enjoy web browsing. With VPN a user can stream to their favorite services and can even access to block websites.

Also, VPN also protects the user’s data from the attacker and hijackers. With VPN user’s personal information and essential data remains secure and safe.

 If a user doesn’t use a VPN, then their online privacy will be at high risk. Not using a VPN means that an attacker can get access to your data and information. By gaining access to your data, these attackers can inject malware and other viruses into your network.

Also, they can use your data and private information in the wrong way like they can sell it to third parties or even on the dark web.

Not using a VPN will also reveal your real IP address and all your activities won’t remain under the cover. It means that you won’t be able to bypass net neutrality and all snooping eyes can monitor whatever you do on the internet. Let’s suppose you belong to a country which is a member of the international surveillance alliance so, if you don’t use a VPN, then they can easily obtain your information from the ISP without informing you.  

Moreover, if you access any site which is not allowed in your region so, your ISP can catch you, and you might also face penalty and even imprisonment.

What Functions Does a VPN Provide?

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, a VPN has many more functions and perks to offer when it comes to securing a user’s internet connection. The ones being the most critical to a user’s overall online security are as follows:

  • A VPN helps users bypass geo-restrictions: Perhaps the most crucial function that a VPN has to offer is that it allows users to circumvent geo-restrictions put on the internet by the government of a country.

Access to a VPN provides users with the liberty to access the entirety of the internet, without having to worry about the content being blocked in your region. Since the source of the traffic becomes that of the VPN server you’ve chosen, the VPN pretends that you’re in a different country altogether and gives you access to otherwise restricted content.

  • Using a VPN hides your IP address: While using a VPN, your device connects to a server you’ve selected instead of the default server, hiding your IP address in the process. 

Since your IP address contains crucial information regarding your identity and location, using the IP address of a server protects any third-party with malicious intent from gaining access to your sensitive data.

  • Provides anonymity to users: If you’re seeking access to content that might be shady, sketchy, or a threat to your actual identity in any way or form- a VPN might be your best friend. 

Since a VPN masks your original IP address with the IP address of a server, it strips you of your identity and allows you to browse through the internet, without having your status at stake. 

  • A VPN encrypts your data transfers: As stated above, one of the most significant ways a VPN works to secure the pieces of information we leave online is through encryption of data. 

There are only a few things as dangerous as leaving unencrypted data around. Fundamentally, unencrypted data has the potential to make or break entire lives, since the entire contents of your online communication are free to be viewed by any prying third-party. 

  • Competent VPN providers offer the feature of a kill-switch: Even more dangerous than not using a VPN is using one without a kill switch.

A kill switch allows the VPN provider to cease the internet connection if the VPN disconnects for whatever reason. Without a kill switch, the user keeps on browsing without even knowing that their VPN connection has been compromised.

Does a VPN provide You Against?

Up till this point, we’ve discussed the features and perks a VPN has to offer, but we haven’t gone into details regarding who or what the VPN provides us protection against in the first place:

To keep you in the loop, we’ve compiled a list of vulnerabilities a VPN is more than fit to fight against:

  1. Man in the Middle attacks; also known as MitM attacks
  2. Phishing attacks
  3. Browser Fingerprinting
  4. Zombie cookies
  5. Malware
  6. Hacking 

All the vulnerabilities mentioned above occur as a result of the flaws in a regular internet connection being exploited by the user’s search engine, browser, or browsing habits. The incorporation of a VPN in your online routine will help you establish a secure connection, without having the thought of emerging attacks and dangers lurking in your mind.

Final Thoughts:

To sum up all, VPNs are very important in today’s world.
There are several reasons for which people use VPN like gaming, passing geographic restrictions, torrenting and much more.

Thus, if you don’t use a VPN, then it will be difficult to perform all such activities in a secured manner. For the sake of online privacy, it is incredibly essential to use a VPN.

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