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Best VPN For Torrenting & Anonymous P2P 2020

There are many reasons that add up to having a VPN connection while torrenting particularly crucial. Unfortunately, these days, finding a VPN service that supports torrenting is a hard task to execute. 

However, first things first, let’s clear the air on the need of having a VPN service.

Why You Need A VPN For Torrenting?

  • It will secure your connection and provide an encrypted tunnel to download torrenting without getting caught by ISP.
  • It will provide the fastest Speed of downloading torrents
  • It will bypass all restrictions and throttling

Which is Consider as a Best Torrent VPN?

There are many VPN services out there, which claims to provide the services, specifically for torrenting. However, the main question that arises here is, “are their claims really true?”

As far as torrenting is concerned, the following are some of the factors I have always looked into to evaluate the service.

  • Where they based or located: It’s the essential factor to check. If they are located inside the USA, then it’s not considered as best. This is because US laws applied, and they forced to reveal your logs and stored. So! It should be a non-US based provider.
  • VPN Provider should clear Logless policy: VPN provider mostly tricked the user by a misleading and misguiding maneuvering statement by their log policy. Mainly because 90% of them forced to store logs by GOV laws.
  • Dedicate servers for torrenting: They must provide dedicated servers for downloading and streaming to minimize the risk of slow down.
  • Speed: They must provide high speed while torrenting because most of them don’t! Some are even pathetic. A is VPN supposed to slow down the regular Internet speed because of encryption, but if its more than 8 to 10% then it’s not good for torrenting.

So! These are some of the significant aspects to look into before considering getting a VPN service. Here I have tried and tested some of the certified best VPNs for torrenting. I have also run speed tests and done a thorough check on the logging policies too.

5 Best VPN For Torrenting 2019

I have a subscription of some of the major VPN services that claimed their services as the best to test out their claims. I further went through their reviews online along with the comments from their users.

After such intensive research, this is what I have managed to evaluate them:

  1. Payment Method (cryptocurrency preferred)?
  2. How to easy to install and Run?
  3. Speed Test Before and After?
  4. Encryption Test?
  5. Where They located?
  6. Log Policy Revealed?
  7. Do they provide dedicated servers for Torrenting?
  8. Finally: What communities like Reddit said about it.

Let’s jump straight into the Best VPN For torrenting…

1 – NordVPN: Fastest & Anonymous For Torrenting

These guys at NordVPN done some extraordinary job to gain the reputation of this VPN. It’s my own favorite, its easy to install, easy to connect, and super fast especially when we talk about download torrent anonymously.

So! Run it through the test!

Where they based?: NordVPN based in “Panama” Which make them PERFECT!

Log Policy: This what I have found while reading their Log policy. that makes sense as well, its non-US based so! No LOGS

Payment method: you can pay through credit/debit card or even my favorite and anonymous option as well, Yeah they accept “Bitcoin” as well, that make your purchase and logs more secure.

Speed Test: I have tried a couple of times between day times and Night, find about 5% diminution in speed. Which is more than perfect Right?

Encryption Test: they are using some stronger channel to encrypt the data, like Data channel: an AES-256-CBC cipher which is awesome! while torrenting I tested though “Check my Torrent IP” to check if its working or not. Find out it worked perfectly.

Dedicated Servers: NordVPN offering the biggest numbers in the industry by now, up to 4500 P2P optimized servers for Torrenting.

2. ExpressVPN: Fast speed of Torrenting and P2P File Sharing

This notorious VPN service is very well developed to live up to its reputation of being one of the fastest and secure VPN services. Its user-friendly interface further adds up to its popularity.  By now some of you might be ready to call me out as bluff but here are the features it offers:

Where is it based?: It is located in the lush “British Virginia Islands,” a place that is tucked safely away from the 5 eyes, 9 eyes and 14 eyes jurisdiction. Now, this just screams “SAFE”!

Log policy:  while I was going through their logging policy, I found out that they are non-US based and are far away from European laws too. So, they are very proud of their NO LOGS policy!

Payment methods: they accept payments through credit/debit cards and are also up for the mysteriously anonymous “bitcoin” method too!

Speed test: although it has a reputation of being one of the fastest VPNs, I still run it through some speed tests merely to quench my thirst of curiosity! Turns out, they sure are serious about living up to their reputation with that super-fast speed!

Encryption tests: they have gone ahead and used one of the most reliable encryption methods that are the AES-256 bit encryption, which is just perfect! While torrenting, I checked it through the “check my Torrent IP” and was pleased to find out how well it worked.

Dedicated servers: ExpressVPN offers an impressive amount of 160 P2P optimized servers for torrenting.

3. Surfshark VPN- secure and torrenting/P2P optimized

This VPN service allows highly secure and super-fast speeds. Does it have a user-friendly interference and the cherry on top? It offers optimized torrenting too! I tested it out, and this is what I had come across:

Where is it based?:  just like ExpressVPN, it is tucked away from the prying 5,9 and 14 eyes jurisdiction in British Virginia Islands, which is indeed an ideal location!

Log policy: I skimmed through their log policy and turn out as being a non-US provider they have a strict NO LOGS policy too!

Payment method:  they accept payments through credit/ debit cards and, much to my enthusiasm, they allow payments through the ultimately anonymous Bitcoins too!

Speed tests:  these guys sure claim to be the fastest VPN service, providers. I found it the hard way after running through tests and was delighted with the speed they are providing!

Encryption tests: the encryption methods used here are a bit modern to suit up to the optimized speed they provide. Instead of the standard AES-256-CBC algorithm, they use the notably faster and very secure AES-256-GCM algorithm! I checked its security measures while I was Torreting through the “check my torrenting IP” and as very satisfied with it.

Dedicated servers: it offers a good number of 500+ servers, which is simply just PERFECT!

4. IPVanish- for speedy and safe torrenting.

This VPN provider is, by far, based on the most straightforward interface. It offers a stable and reliable connection along with low latency to remain anonymous. The speed it provides is somewhat fulfilling as well as the privacy features. So if you are looking for unlimited P2P traffic and bandwidth, then IPVanish is the one for you. Some of the other features it offers are

Where is it based?: although it is known to provide anonymous torrenting, it is located in the US which is something to be vigilant about.

Log policy: even though it is located in the US, this VPN service promises to follow a strict No Logs policy which is good enough considering they have so far managed to stick to it!

Payment methods: apart from the standard payment methods of credit/debit cards, these guys also allow payments through Bitcoins, which is more than perfect!

Speed test: these guys claim to be the fastest, so I run a couple of speed tests to test out the theory. Turns out they sure prove their claims!

Encryption tests: this VPN service also offers the standard AES-256 bit encryption, which is the most secure encryption algorithm. I checked out the level of security by running it through the Check my Torrent IP test and was indeed satisfied with the results, so guess this does make up for being located in the US, Right?

Dedicated servers:  this is another impressive thing about this VPN service that it offers a whopping 1300+ servers for torrenting, which is just striking!

5. Private Internet Access- super speed and security

These guys at Private internet access have managed to provide exceptional speeds and reasonably good security at optimum rates! This just makes it one of the best VPN services available. Also, the fact that it has absolutely no torrenting limits makes it even more ideal! Apart from that, its other features are:

Where is it based?: The very location of this VPN service is a bummer as it is located in the US! So this is something to be cautious about.

Log policy: even though they are based in the US, they still boldly have a strict No Logs policy! This sure makes up for being located in the US, however, along with no logs they do keep track of email addresses and payment issues. But there are backdoors to that too! Right?

Payment methods:  along with the primary credit/debit card payment options, it does offer payment through Bitcoins, which ensures security. So there is a bright side to privacy!

Speed tests: this VPN provider is fast and reliable. To double-check things I checked it through the “Check my Torrent IP” test while torrenting and I can’t say I wasn’t impressed with speed!

Encryption test:  they have managed to carefully compromise any security feature of theirs and provide the users with the entirely secure AES 128 AND AES256 bit encryption which just spells PERFECT!

Dedicated servers:  with servers, they surely have managed o somewhat outdo themselves and impressively offer 3,300 dedicated torrenting servers that are just AWESOME!

Check Your VPN Is Legit For Torrenting Or Shit!!!

Ignore my “language” but this the most frustrating part after getting a VPN. The most issues occur when we talk about Internet speed and when your Internet disconnects while you were downloading torrents.

Internet Speed Factor: You would have to make sure that VPN should have P2P optimized servers, and also test the speed test within 7 days to get a full refund. Keep in mind VPN does slow your Internet speed, but make sure it’s not more than 6 to 7%. Internet speed supposes to slow down a bit because of encryption but not more than that.

Kill switch: Make sure that your VPN provider does provide this feature, otherwise your identity will be revealed whenever or in-between connection lost. Kill switch cut off all the internet traffic if there is Internet outage for some reason, and reconnect the VPN server to prevent DNS Leak or IP Leak.

Check Torrent IP Leak Tool: This is the most important test to perform before trusting any service provider.

You just need to make sure that both IP Addresses are the same. IP Adress that you are acquiring through VPN and IP Address which is going through your Torrent client. Here is the tool to check my torrent IP.

Can You Get Caught While Torrenting?

Yeah, there is a huge change to get caught by your ISP if you are downloading copyrighted material and get noticed.

Thousand of guys reported on Reddit about their notices and asking advice on how to handle it. Most of them fined with copyrighted law with some $$$.

There is another disadvantage if your ISP seeing huge amount of bandwidth used by some particular user they simply throttled the connection. VPN also helps here is the complete guided article “how to bypass ISP throttling.”

Is Torrenting illegal:

There is nothing illegal in the usage of this software, but yeah if you are using it for download illegal or copyrighted content then Yeah! its illegal to use.

This is the same scenario when people talk about Tor browser illegal or not.


Finding a VPN to torrenting specifically its easy now. I have explained everything that really matters, and the things you might consider to get one.

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  1. I actually agreed with all the things you mentioned about how to get or evaluate the VPN but why bitcoin?

    • This is the good question: actually whenever you signup for any VPN service provider they store your logs. you can change your name or ID to buy it but what are you gonna do with Visa or debit card situation? so its best to pay them though Bitcoin so they even don’t know who bought it.

    • Actually, it is comparing both IP address. 1 from your VPN and 2 which is coming to form your Utorrent or BitTorrent

  2. I have recently bought sharshark vpn for torrenting, but the issue is, most of the time i don’t get the good speed. I have complained about it, but they said it will be fixed in few hours.


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